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August 29, 2008


Barbara Cosindas

My father, Henry Cresto, was on this elk hunting trip with Dale King and Lee Marvin. I so remember that adventure AND the elk my father returned home with. Dale and my father were great friends. My father passed away about 1 1/2 years ago and I even found that magazine with Lee Marvin's picture among his belongins. Hopefully my sister kept it. I know my father still has many picture of that trip and I am going to be going through his slides next month and will be sure to hang on to any he has.

Bruce King

Hi Barbara, Your father Hank Cresto was one of my favorite people growing up. I have great memories of him in Colorado, in California at the riding stables and chasing ducks in Venice, Califonia. Dad cherished his friendship with Hank and your mom.
Bruce King


I wonder if Lee ever went duck hunting?

Alex Galletti

Lee Marvin... his was a voice that rumbled like the barrel of a gun. The elk story is reminiscent of Theodore Roosevelt's encounter with the old bear. In a way, there has to be a line somewhere. No matter how much we love a good hunt, there has to be limitations too.

Diane Zapanta

My dad, Al Zapanta, is the one who set up that trip and went on dozens of others with Lee, including duck hunting. I was a little girl when he used to come over our house...a truly unique individual. My dad is still alive and just turned 95. It was a great era.

Jana Christensen

His words couldn’t be more striking to hunters out there! Giving his ideas and feelings regarding elk hunting, men could be more inspired and moved. Actually, there could be some who can relate with this adventurous taste of hunting. The trophies you get after the hunts aren’t just the achievements, it’s also the stories you can share hereafter.


Thanks so much for sharing this! It has always been my dream to go Colorado elk hunting... Maybe one day it will happen for me!

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