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October 17, 2008



When was the last time this reviewer was a woman, Black OR took a "bold stance on racism and abuse" or met someone who has? "Bees" is a beautiful story of hope, purpose, overcoming and love. Remember how the "Color Purple" was passed over and shunned by the critics and awards shows? This is yet another movie with a colorful cast that is completely misunderstood by the "majority" reviewers. Talk with a woman and/or person who lived during that era (like me) and learn something before writing such a review. Educated yourself then watch the movie again with a different heart.


Looking forward to reading a review of "The Secret Life of Bees," I opened the paper and saw the grade of C-, and immediately looked for the man's name in the byline. Of course you don't like this movie - it's a "girl thang!" I loved the book and was waiting anxiously to see how the movie compared. Loved it too! Guess what? There were only women in the theater when I went. Does that surprise you? Yes, many of your points are true, but who cares? It's a story - who wants to see agrarian labor in its true form? I also loved the books and movies of "Fried Green Tomatoes..." and "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." I detest violence, crime, chase scenes and silliness and I'm sure I would score any movie with one or more of those elements with a C- or lower. I'm disappointed that a favorite story of mine has been saddled with a low "man grade."



I usually agree with your reviews, but I think the "gender factor" figures in on this one. I was sucked in when I saw the cast on Oprah weeks ago. Your critical points are valid, but this film had me from the get-go. I have two daughters, and a tenuous relationship with my mother, so I was relating all over the place. I liked the performances, I was glad I went. For the record, I used three tissues.....


This needed to be said. Thank you.

It is rumored that the CIA seeks to break the most hardened terrorists by forcing them to watch this movie on an endless loop. The technique is known as eye-ball waterboarding for the soul.

Jason O.

Russell does an excellent job of describing Hollywood's tendency to beat a formula to death, and there is nothing "gender specific" (whatever that means) about this review.

The key point in the review is linking "Bees" to the long line of racial "message" movies since "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner."

Another example is the Bataan death march-long line of suburban alienation movies from "The Graduate" to "American Beauty" that has been pounded (and re-pounded) by Hollywood dozens of times.

OK: We get it...white on black racism exists in this country. Unfortunately we've had very few movies like Zwick's beautiful "Glory," Where the 54th regiment becomes a symbol for what is possible in the United States.


well i LOVED the book and the movie. but i also liked your review.i think a lot of what you said was probably true, but thing is, i LOVE movies like that. i wouldnt expect a guy to like this movie tbh, its a real chick flick.
tho if you had dissed queen latifah in ur review, i would probably have to kill you haha

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D Lornette

Very good movie I shall be looking for the book to read.Some parts of the movie was very sad and they had funny bits in the movie too.

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