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December 27, 2008


Colin Fraser

Excellent interview. As a student of the subject and a collector of July 20 autographs, let me voice my appreciation to Mr. Mcquarrie et al for making my little niche area of historical interest come alive. On the other hand, everyone will now think that I am fascinated by the Widerstand because of your movie. I think I can live with that. All in all, a great film made with reverence and attention to detail.

C. Fraser

Nev Pierce

Terrific interview. And you're right about Way Of The Gun - it is sorely underrated. A great movie.

Hollywood Film Producer

Its great, A long story behind "Valkyrie" movie.

Thanks for posting.

Allen McQuarrie

I am glad Chris had a first believer or we might not be enjoying his talent today!

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