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May 26, 2009



What an amazing, moving story. Is Shelly's companion essay available online?

Mike Russell

I don't think Shelley's essay is online, Geo. (Hers is quite a bit longer and more academic than mine.) I'll ask if she's interested in having it posted.


Very wonderful essay, Mike. Due to horrible genetics that I don't really want to pass on, I may chose to adopt someday and I share your opinion of open adoption (train wreck). This article is a good read for adoptive parents who question their child's desire to find his/her biological parents, especially in the cases where the adoptive parents met the biological parent/s during the adoption process and had come to the conclusion at the time that they had been "saving" the child (some people ARE that self deluded) without realizing that the birth parents have quite possibly gotten "their act together" (and I'm not making any assumptions to your birth parents, I'm talking about drug issues and the like).
So, again, great essay, and sorry for that run-on sentence.

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