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June 20, 2009


Ellen Kimball

Hello from Ellen Kimball, the yuppie elderly woman who occasionally gazes upon your handsome countenance. I wish you were one of my sons because I love to draw and they don't. My son works in food service as a manager for a Chili's restaurant in Utah. My stepson used to be a private detective but had to retire because of a disability. He spends much of his time writing (unpublished).

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your reviews and the other work that you do. Everyone's reviewing movies these days and it's hard to stand above the rest. You do. What's more, it's getting harder to get PAID for any work that you do!

With your kind permission, I have linked to this blog. It's beautifully done, clean, informative and historical.

See you at the movies (unless they are all closed because people want to see movies on their TVs and computers... whatever)

Warm regards,


Ellen Kimball

Forgive me.

I used to be an advertising copywriter.

I won the Spelling Bee in 8th grade at Edward L. Constance Jr. High School, North Miami, FL. I won't tell you the year.

The day of the county spelling bee, I was pretty nervous. Got hit with the word: ARCHAIC and missed it. No prize, but I can remember that day as if it were yesterday.

In paragraph 3, above, you have misspelled fantasties. One DELETE keystroke and it will be perfect. I would have done it for you but I can't.

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