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October 26, 2009



Here's an MSPaint comic I did yesterday about KUFO's "refueling."



MARCONI is BAAAAAACK?! WTF? Seriously? Ugh. Why wont that guy go away????


Thanks for the shoutout Mike! I do hope on the new podcasts you will be able to visit/call in!


Aaron Duran

Well done Mike. This is a wonderfully written piece. I am certain good things will come from this recent unpleasantness.


Wow what a bummer! I love you guys and think your shows were just what we wanted. I hope this new owner does not fuck up kufo any more than he all ready has. If they start playing crap music it is by by KUFO.


Well done, sir. I know that the response by media and audience for both shows has been overwhelming and I personally have had a hell of a time just keeping up with it all (in addition to the Save-RES page, I try to keep the RES Bottom Line Brigade up to date for the 300 members on Facebook). Every time I turn around, there's another person -- like yourself -- with something fantastic or insightful or angry to share.

I don't think it can be stressed enough. All of these people -- Rick, Sarah, Tim, Cort, Fatboy -- these are real people. Honest people. They care about their friends and their audience and their craft. They don't pretend to be anything they aren't. They aren't douche bags. They aren't hacks. They aren't doing anything for a dollar.

Everything radio gets a bum wrap for being -- insincere, inane, daily demonstrations of the pending Idiocracy of the planet -- these guys all are not.

I am grateful to count many such people as my friends and to be allowed to be a dedicated fan of the others. These people are all part of this amazing wheel of creative geniuses in Portland (and reaching radially outward around the world) that have so much great content to give to us.

As for KUFO? Well, I only listened because of Rick and then Cort and Fatboy. I couldn't care less what happens to the station. Or any radio anywhere for that matter. In 2009, there is so little content over the airwaves and so MUCH on the internet (podcasts, etc) that it's hard to justify wasting your time tuning into any point on the dial. Unless you have snagged the RES or C&FB.. in which case you have something compelling and unique worth me putting the mouse down for and picking up the radio.

Mike Rota

So what about Buzz? Did he get fired as well? He was well liked yet no one is talking about what happened to him? Why is Adrienne bitching about Marconi being back? He is a local DJ that should be on the air, he's on KUPL anyways so what are you whining about? I miss his show on KUFO.

While I'm not as liberal as Cort and Fatboy are I did enjoy their humor which will be missed. Rick Emerson I deeply enjoyed your unique humor on air. You all will be missed.


As with much of what of modern day mass commercial entertainment anything that's a step above the lowest common denominator (and Emerson and C&F were several steps above) is not long for this world. If you find yourself thinking "this television or radio program is just too damned clever for it's own good" then odds are it probably is too damned clever, at least for the boneheads in suits who sit in the corporate offices.

Most of us don't listen to terrestrial radio for the music anymore. Partly because the music is boring and repetetive. Mostly it's because probably everybody owns some form of mp3 player and can listen to the music they really like when they really want.

It's the personalities that draw us to the radio. Whether it be by design or simple fortune KUFO had three of the best , most interesting local jocks on their station this last couple of years.

The cool thing about the station during that time was that it really felt like they were part of Portland and vice versa. Anything weird, fun or just plain different taking place in the Portland-Metro area would get support from Rick, Cort and Bobby. From the Midnight Movie, to the Rocking the Redshirts, to the Pirate Festival and on and on they built a community that was uniquely Portland-centric. A little geeky for some tastes? Welcome to Portland.

You aren't going to come close to that with Marconi's mafia or rubber chickens. Worse; you've just told the commmunity, your listeners, that you think we're stupid.

I do look forward to whatever the boys wind up doing in the near future but as for KUFO- it's dead to me. May they suffer forever in the Sarlacc Pit of Mediocrity.

Calvin Lotz

You have spoken my mind, sir.

Mike Rota

After listening to what these new DJ's are doing it sounds like the suits have them playing more music and doing less talking! While I for one enjoy that, I can see how it might offend others. I will miss the humor of our departed DJ's but I will also enjoy having our station more like it was in Phoenix(98 KUPD). It's all about the Rock!


It is nice to see that I was not the only who laughed so hard on my drive home listening to C&FB that I might have peed a little.... more than once. I will never listen to KUFO again. They have officially made Portland dummer (See? It has beegun). I will have to add more Tool to my iPod since there is no point to listening to the radio. I will not sit through commericials to listen to the witless drivel now broadcasting. Shame on you Alpha! Here's the the "mothership" taking you back to where you came from!


www.cortandfatboy.com & forums.cortandfatboy.com have been parked :(

Mike Russell

Not to worry, Kevin -- Cort and Fatboy own that URL, and Fatboy tells me the reason it's parked is because they're in the process of moving it.

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KUFO sucks, people! I don't really understand their decision of firing these guys. I had so many hilarious moments listening to them, and now it comes to be that the show is over. I'm outraged!

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