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January 08, 2010



Loved this! Just wondering: why were there no author/artist credits on the A&E page?

Michael Russell

I leave my credits off the A&E version of the strip on purpose, actually. This is probably a stupid decision, but here's the reasoning behind it:

"Mr. Do & Mr. Don't" is, in part, a spoof of "Goofus & Gallant" from Highlights for Children magazine -- and nothing in Highlights has a byline because they're trying to make everything speak to children with a sort of disembodied institutional "voice of authority."

That's why I leave the byline off "Mr. Do & Mr. Don't": It cracks me up that a strip like that would be created by the disembodied voice of A&E -- as if this were how The Oregonian itself were teaching people to behave.

A bit on the conceptual side, I suppose, but that's what I'm thinking....

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