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December 19, 2010



C'mon, you never saw Virtuosity? [re: No. 4] Makes perfect sense!


Another one... When Quorra and Sam escape the light cycle grid, Rinzler can't follow because his bike isn't meant for the terrain. Why didn't Clu immediately dispatch an air pursuit? Or why didn't Rinzler bust out one of those jets seen in the final chase scene?


2. I assumed he did know where it was. But he basically left Flynn alone (maybe waiting for the right time to try to jack his disc, or out of respect).

3. I only noticed Dillinger's son mentioned once, at that executive table. He was in it more?

13. hrm, I thought he used that spare light cycle a few minutes later.

Also... I actually enjoyed this movie. But that's because 1) I read reviews beforehand and lowered my expectations a ton, 2) I ate a pot brownie before going in, and 3) I ignored all the unexplained and nonsensical stuff with the discs and CLU's plan to invade the real world.

Will Sargent

My biggest one: you're CLU, and you've managed to hack into the phone system to the point where you can identify a board member of ENCOM and send a page out. If you managed to do this, how on earth have you failed to spread out into the larger internet?

Point the second: you've come to the point where you have the CAPABILITY to send a page out. You can reasonably expect that sending this page will result in a) a user downloading themselves into the system and b) the portal being open for 8 hours as a result.

In that event, it is entirely prudent to do the following:

1) Make sure that you have absolutely everything that you need to hand BEFORE you hit the big red button (i.e. Flynn's disk)

2) Ensure that any unrecognized programs are kept safely and securely until they can be IDed, and NOT throw them into the games until you've pumped them for information.

CLU fails to do either of these things -- despite having all the resources, power and time he needs, he pushes the button and THEN tries to secure Flynn, and he almost loses the first user to come across the pipe in 20 years through sheer carelessness.

Will Sargent

Also, someone who tried the antics that Sam tries in the first five minutes of the movie would not only be in jail with charges, he would be dead. Especially since it is stated flat out that he does this EVERY YEAR.


Oh, I have a pretty big beef with one thing in this movie (not having to do with plot):

This is a simulated world; a digital construction. In the first movie, all of the objects in the world (but not the people) appeared to be non-carbon-based. The walls, the vehicles, etc - they were sleek and untextured and appeared to be "digital." In this new one, these objects look VERY carbon-based. And to really drive it home, at one point during a chase scene the planes they're flying go too high up in the atmosphere, which ends up killing the engines. Engines and atmospheres should not present themselves like this in this world! I don't get it. Did Flynn reprogram the world to adhere to real-life physics?

Anyway, I think my point is that I think they went too far with the CGI, in terms of making stuff look real. At times you can see the vehicles huffing and puffing as they roll around.

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