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February 15, 2011



...and so it goes...

I'm still eagerly awaiting each new installment but I have a minor quibble: Mike, you haven't talked about this series yet! Mr. Roberts teased this strip a week ago Thursday on Cort and Fatboy and yet on Friday not a single sabretoothed word was uttered. I understand you had a guest and other important things to cover but to totally ignore this guy? Time to reevaluate the priorities here.

So, (pretty please?) on Friday I'd like to hear at least a few of the gory details about how this dude came about.

Mike Russell

We were gonna mention it on the last "Cort & Fatboy," but got too engrossed talking to Dan Halsted. Maybe I'll mention it this Friday.

The origin story is pretty simple really: I drew him in my tiny little sketchbook in a movie theater while I was waiting for "The Mechanic" to start. Dylan Meconis and a couple of other people I really respect told me they thought he was kind of funny, so I brainstormed a few more ideas for the little guy. I'm almost done with that first brainstorm sheet and then I have no idea what I'm going to do with him.

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