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August 22, 2011


Christopher Baldwin

Lol! Well vented. :)

Yashoda Sampath

Great post! I still don't find her generalizations on the blogosphere valid (and in fact that irked me more than anything else, as I wrote about here:


But you're right, she offers no defense for the idea that DFW's style is not persuasive or argumentative. She states it, therefore it must be so.

D. K. Holm

Most TV pundits have an excruciating habit of pre-undermining their arguments with verbal tics that can drive listeners mad. Their speech is marbled with "you knows" and "sort of"s and "kind of"s that render their out loud content only 10 per cent meat. Speakers on Countdown, for example, are especially prone to this. It is bad enough hearing this kind of speech every day in the real world, but profession public speakers have no business larding their talk with filler. But the larger point is that this indeterminacy is a way to shrink from taking responsibility for statements or making bold assertions or having confidence is their guesses about the future or the present.

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